Personal Training for any Goal any Place

Lab Online: $85.00 Monthly (Auto-renewal)

Welcome to the new age of personal training! Here at the Fitness Lab, we want our presence to be felt through our workouts and programming no matter where you are or where you work out! Our platform focuses on the importance of structure and balance in routines. Our process is clean and effective.

All plans include access to our food app for customizable nutrition templates and accountability system

If you would like to jump into our weekly programming and have access to unlimited Fullbody, cardio core and HIIT workouts then our LabOnline Plan would be the one to choose. These workouts are General Fitness– All levels. Whether it is to lose weight, gain muscle, lean up or just want to be more fit these workouts will get you there! The Lab Online plan also includes access to our nutrition app for easy tracking and simple meal templates to follow. This plan is an auto renewal plan that you are able to cancel anytime!

If you are looking for a custom program according to your personal goals or tailored for sport then the CustomFit plan is for you!

Limitations, equipment, and of course current lifestyle and ability are all taken into account. Plans are made to exact specifications.

CustomFit Plan: $95.00/ 5 Weeks