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“Our fitness classes go beyond just the gym. When you take advantage of our experience, you’ll see and feel the benefits.”

We’re different.  We are a Fitness Class with a Gym!

One of the things that make us different is that we are not just a gym.  Don’t misunderstand, we have a fully equipped gym, but we are a fitness class that offers personal and professional instruction from fitness to nutrition.  We use education, expertise, and nutrition to motivate you and get you in the best shape possible.

Our fitness classes go beyond just the gym.  When you take advantage of our experience, you’ll see and feel the benefits.  We work with you to provide everything you need to achieve the best results.  Our goal is to exceed your expectation by helping you feel better, look better and think better.  We understand that you are committed to this lifestyle choice and we are committed to helping you reach your goals.


Vik Gill is the owner and lead instructor at the Fitness Lab. He became interested in fitness at a young age while playing hockey and competing in martial arts. Quickly, he realized how much better he was at his sports due to incorporating workouts. With over 10 years in the industry, Vik instructs in group and personal formats, focusing on achieving long-term health and fitness goals through challenging, high-intensity workouts that are constantly varied. He accommodates all levels from youth groups as young as 7 to senior citizens. Additionally, he trains athletes for hockey, lacrosse, dance, basketball, and soccer. Vik’s clients are known to surpass their ambitions and stick to their fitness programs because they enjoy a high level of satisfaction under his guidance.

The Fitness Lab is a state of the art studio that opened in early 2015 and expanded to double the size exactly two years later. Added were a spin area, a private gym for personal training and a larger space for groups. All equipment is top of the line and maintained in pristine condition to facilitate the safest, most effective experience and yield optimal results.

Education and qualifications earned by Vik are extensive. They include certification in Personal Training, Level 1 Weight Lifting, and Group Fitness through Canadian Fitness Education Services (CFES), certification in TRX as well as functional training for sports movement. He has taken workshops focusing on shoulder and knee problems/rehab and fast feet/agility. Pride is taken in keeping updated on the newest trends in fitness which ensure workouts stay fresh and fun.

Vik made his dream a reality and he can do the same for you. Whether you want to improve your sports performance, reduce health risks, or look and feel better, Vik’s expertise and motivational approach will help break down old barriers and transform your body, mind, and lifestyle.

Rachelle Noa

Rachelle received her national certification for weight training, group fitness, and personal training through Canadian Fitness Education Services. She is qualified in First Aid/CPR/AED level 1 and joined the Fitness Lab in early 2015, shortly after it opened.

Originally, Rachelle got into fitness following a long bout with a major illness. After surviving a double transplant, she started working out to do everything in her power to stay healthy. Then came the desire to help others achieve their fitness goals and lead a life of wellness and vitality.

Rachelle’s diverse training approach balances honesty and encouragement while teaching safety and proper form. She loves empowering clients to overcome mental and physical obstacles to get the results they want and deserve; to let people know that ANYTHING can be accomplished with the right mindset, strength, and determination.

Melissa McLean

Melissa McLean is a group fitness instructor at the Fitness Lab. She strives to create challenging and balanced classes for all fitness levels. Melissa’s goal is to make every client feel welcome, comfortable and capable. She is passionate about creating a supportive and encouraging environment for her clients while helping them find what they love about fitness.

As a pre and postnatal specialist and a mother of two, she understands the changes the body goes through after having children. After two pregnancies, she found that exercise and healthy eating lead to a strong body and a balanced mind. Exercise became a necessary outlet to release the pressures of daily life. Melissa got into the fitness industry to help others find that same outlet.

Melissa is certified in group fitness and weight training by the Canadian Fitness Education Services (CFES). She is also a certified pre and postnatal fitness specialist by Fit 4 Two Inc.

Leigh-Anne Parker

My name is Leighann I am a mother of three and a grandmother. I decided to get into the fitness industry 18 years ago because I was a full-time mom but wanted to earn a little money and get fit. I got into group fitness and completely fell in love with being able to push people to new heights while pushing myself to new betters every day. 

In 2002 started running after my 3rd child, it was the best way I knew of to get rid of the baby fat! That led me to start training for triathlons. Having the knowledge from being a Fitness leader I was able to teach myself the swimming and biking aspect of the sport. This truly gave me the advantage and after winning my very first sprint triathlon I knew I was destined to keep up with the sport, travelling the world and being exposed to high-level world-class athletes. Qualifying for world championships Ironmans was and has been quite the experience. My love of fitness is why I’m here to share with others. 

Nicole McInnes

Growing up I spent my weeknights figure skating, joining all sport team I possibly could in school and spring baseball. Always up for trying new activities once. Time and time again, I’m reminded of the positive effects exercise has on my own physical and psychological well-being.

I am a busy mom of three boys and their sports. After multiple knee injuries and my own struggles with weight, Yoga has been part of my life as a way to stretch, heal and strengthen my body. In 2012, I completed my Yoga Teacher Training and became a Group fitness leader.  Since then, I’ve taken training as Move ball modules, an Aquafit instructor; specializing in Mom & Baby Aquafit, Prenatal Aquafit, and more recently, Spinning Instructor.

I care about teaching classes which are well planned, inclusive, safe, and effective. Teaching fitness classes and working out puts me in my happy place, I believe that with the right training program, a bit of determination and support, anyone can achieve their goals.

Discovering My New Normal 

14 months ago, I experienced something that I thought happened only to football players: a concussion. Over the months of my recovery, I’ve struggled with the physical, emotional, and mental challenges of this brain injury. My life has changed dramatically. Feelings of overwhelm and overstimulation are an expected part of concussion recovery. I had no expectations of how I might feel on any given day, having learned that my energy and mood could turn on a dime. I am working on maintaining balance throughout the brain fog, the fatigue, the migraines, and the sheer frustration that comes from things not being the way I want them to be.

Stop. Stop. Stop. My brain screamed. Too much. Too much. Too much.   What now?


Hard Truths

As a Yoga teacher, I started to practice at home by building my stamina gently in an environment that feels safe for me. Some days, I simply meditated. I  had to learn to come to my mat with zero expectations. I knew that stress is a big part of this equation. When I felt frustrated, my stress increases, and I’m less able to deal with that frustration. It’s a vicious cycle. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that restorative yoga is a powerful antidote to stress; I teach it for a living. But setting myself up on my mat with my bolster, blankets, and soft music it can be tough when yours are not able to focus. When I’m not immediately able to access that sense of calm and release that I’m used to, my system felt fried. I felt lost, alone and uncertain for everything. These are hard truths for me to acknowledge.

What I’ve come to realize is that I have to let go of the goal of making my yoga practice what it once was. Instead, I am building a new yoga practice that might look completely different. Above all else, I am reminded that there will be times in life when all that is left to do is to surrender. Trying, working, and striving can’t improve every situation; sometimes all we can do is wait and see where life takes us.

Each time I visit my concussion specialist, she reminds me that I am healing, slowly but surely. I don’t expect that I’ll ever be quite the same as I was before my accident. But that’s okay because I’ve decided that I’ll be even better. I’ll see my new limitations as opportunities to become more fully human, to deepen my empathy for the suffering of others, and to appreciate every symptom-free minute as if it could be my last.

Nicole’s experience since Dec 6th, 2017

Jereymi Longpre

My Experience
My name is Jereymi Longpre. I started my fitness journey in August 2015. I didn’t like how I looked and wanted to make a change. I was getting ready for the upcoming college baseball season and wanted to get in better shape. In my mind, this would make me a better baseball player. What I quickly discovered was that I had a greater passion for training & improving my fitness, rather than playing the game I had known since I was a toddler. After 15 years dedicated to baseball, I put the game aside to pursue fitness & nutrition coaching.

Since Aug 2015, I have lost 75lbs, been through a lot of ups & down, trial & error, yo-yo dieting, and even binge eating for days in a row. I went through it all and learned that there is so much more to fitness than looking good & thinking everyone will treat you differently if you’re in better shape – which was my perspective. These last couple of months have been some of my greatest times through my fitness journey because I learned how to enjoy both training & eating properly – and this is what I want for everyone

My Purpose
Let me help you make a change by eliminating months & months, or even years of trial & error by educating you with helpful strategies to use for the rest of your life, and avoid always focusing on workouts & dieting. I want to inspire & help you achieve your nutrition & fitness goals. My motivation is not money, I truly want to make a difference and see people achieve their goals. My aim is to avoid the false hope and give you insightful information that will actually work – things that have helped me through my journey. Your success is what motivates me, and with consistency, hard work, dedication, and understanding that it’s a slow but enjoyable process, there will be a change and I want
to help you get there.

My Approach
I started by myself, learning everything for myself and not really knowing what the heck I was doing (I did end up asking for help along the way). I knew I wanted to make a change and knew that I had to start somewhere. I know that there is no “magic pill” and that it takes time, consistency and hard work to see results. The process shouldn’t be miserable, it is supposed to be enjoyable. Something that I read & live by is “Never get so focused on the end destination that you miss the joy of adventure along the way” – Greg O’Gallagher.

Having the simplicity of both fitness, and enjoying the true joy of life & it’s struggles to achieve the body that you desire, is the process and fulfillment of the end goal. Work hard & think of this as just another milestone in your path to success & happiness, and by the time you’ve reached that goal it will feel like no time at all.

Bailey Dhaliwal

My name is Bailey Dhaliwal. I can date the start of my fitness journey all the way back to the age of 4 when I laced up my skates for my first hockey practice. From a young age I have always had a passion and excitement for both hockey and fitness! As years pass by, growing increasingly eager to excel my career, it came to the point where I had to develop strength, speed, power, mass, and extreme cardio all at once. Myself not knowing how to train to achieve my goals led me into the direction of my first personal trainer Vik Gill. Little did I know I was working with a fantastic trainer and formed new friendship!

Fast forward into my hockey career I gained enough attention to be drafted by the Vancouver Giants in 2014. During my 3 years on the team, I endured multiple career ending injuries which led to multiple surgeries and consistent treatment/rehabilitation everyday with the thought that giving up was never an option. It got to the point where my body can no longer take the contact and came the decision to step away from the game. As news spread of my situation Vik contacted me to discuss a “what’s next” plan for my life. Him knowing my passion, knowledge, drive, and love for fitness he suggested I become a personal trainer and here I am! Ready and determined to help others succeed in whatever their ambitions may be!

Bailey Dhaliwal
Dynamic Development Training
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Instagram – @ddtbailey
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Dylan Melbourne

My name is Dylan Melbourne. I’ve been personal training for 6 years and was certified through NASM (National Academy of Sport Medicine).

I obtained further certifications in Functional Patterns HF1, TRX, RIP trainer, Mobility w/ PNF trigger point, as well as the American Olympic and Chinese Olympic Lifting.

I was always involved in health and fitness being in various sports for the past 13 years.

11 of those years I played Soccer; making it all the way to compete against the Whitecap Juniors in the High Performance League.

A torn ACL in the semi final game during my Football career is what eventually catapulted me to the training side and learning about how to manage my own rehabilitation in the gym.

That’s where my main passion and expertise is now. Helping people get rid of any pains or injuries long term; whether it be the elderly, a high performance athlete, or anything between!

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