COVID-19 Mitigation Plan

Here at The Fitness Lab, the health of our clients and staff are of utmost importance to us. During these unprecedented times and in order to provide services to the public, we have implemented the following safety measures:

Operation Guidelines as of January 18, 2022

● Regular Group Fitness will continue with 50% occupancy
● Youth fitness and high performance athletes will continue to train within the facility
● Personal Training programs & Rehab programs will continue with space restrictions
● Vaccination passports will be scanned for all members
● All participants will undergo a temp check and sanitize their hands upon entry
● All group members are expected to schedule classes (no drop-ins) and have an updated Virtuagym profile to
enable contact tracing. The Fitness Lab keeps a permanent record of participants’ attendance.
● Facility will be well ventilated
● HVAC system serviced and maintained
● Attendees will have a staggered entry and exit
● Different exit doors will be utilized during busy times
● Exercise areas will be composed of 7m squared of space
● Maximum occupancy signage is posted throughout the facility according to area size and will be followed at all
● Music will be kept to a low decibel volume at all times
● There will be no class cancellation charges applied due to COVID-19 symptoms
● Patrons are encouraged to bring their own personal mat for use


1) Anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19 will not be permitted to enter the facility.
2) Anyone who is currently quarantined, self-isolating or feeling unwell will not be permitted to enter the facility.
3) Controlled access into facility with at least one staff member on at all times.
4) All staff will complete COVID-19 self-assessments prior to each shift. In addition, temperature checks, hand
sanitization and face masks are mandatory. Staff will not be permitted to take breaks at the same time intervals
or congregate in small areas.
5) Mandatory use of hand sanitization station upon entering facility. Ample handwashing and sanitization stations
throughout the facility.
6) Mandatory touchless temperature checks upon entering the facility. If a client’s temperature is above 38.0 and or
displaying a fever, they will not be permitted to enter the facility.
7) Clients are required to choose an area to stay at for the remainder of the class to ensure adequate social
distancing is maintained at all times while participating in activities.
8) Upon entry, clients are required to wear a face mask until they are at a designated spot.
9) Masks are mandatory for any movement throughout the facility, other than completing a workout at their
designated spot.
10) Water bottle refill dispenser is permitted with the requirement of the client sanitizing their hands before use.
11) Contactless sign-in and forms of payment will be provided.
12) Only recognized disinfectants will be used and the manufactures directions will be properly utilized.
13) Fogging machines equipped with Vital Oxide, will be used to disinfect the entirety of the studio. This includes all
common touch surfaces, bathroom, equipment, storage racks, front desk, and all flooring.
14) All equipment will be disinfected after every use.
15) Signage throughout facility will inform clients of new social distancing parameters, safety precautions and any
limitations in place.
16) When workouts are complete, clients are encouraged to leave adamantly to decrease congregation.

These guidelines will allow us to follow the requirements in place by Fraser Health, while continuing to create a positive and safe environment. Thank you for your participation to stop the spread! We are in this together!