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Onbeat App real-time monitoring for Group Fitness and Personal Training

ONBEAT- Real time heart rate tracking


Tracking heart rate and calorie expenditure is a simple yet perfect way to gauge how hard and smart you are working. The benefit of having it monitored and recorded over the duration of your workout will show you not only what performance stage you are currently in but how much harder you can push yourself. With real-time monitoring, you will know how much more you have left in you,

Heart Rate Monitoring + Calorie burn report

Onbeat real time monitoring with calorie count/WaHoo Ticker hardware.

WaHoo Ticker

Reliable, accurate and secure, TICKR offers fitness enthusiasts and athletes a simple way to have their heart rate monitored. Equipped with Bluetooth and ANT + technology, the TICKR connects to virtually any smartphone training platform and our inhouse onbeat app. These monitors are highly rated for their simplicity of use and most important accuracy.

*Please note onbeat is compatible with other monitors as well if you have one already. Price: $60.00 + tax (available at The Fitness Lab). It will also show the instructor what state you are in to ensure you are working in a safe environment with the proper rest between intervals. When it comes to fitness it comes down to what you are capable of and how long you can do it for. Breaking through plateaus and meeting new goals is important to achieve a better level of fitness, this will be your tool to get there.

Zones + Calorie Burn

ONBEAT works by displaying 5 different zones over your workout (% based on MAX Heart Rate)

50-60% = GREY / 60-70% = BLUE / 70-80% = GREEN / 80-90% ORANGE / 90-100% = RED

Depending on personal goals, routine and component each zone represents a different level of your maximum output. Certain workouts are best done in certain zones to maximize results. Having a detailed report sent to you after your session you will be able to see how you did, this is accountability at its best! Each zone also means you will burn a different amount of calories. With calories being the fuel source, it is a direct link to how hard you are working. The harder you work the more you burn, in turn raising your overall metabolic rate which makes weight loss a lot easier and quicker.


Calculating Max Heart Rate

  • Female: 214 – 0.8 X Age
  • Male: 209 – 0.7 X Age

Calorie Burn Equation

  • Female: (-20.4022 + (0.4472 X Average Heart Rate) – (0.05729 X Weight in Pounds) + (0.074 X Age)) / 4.184 X Workout Minutes
  • Male: (-55.0969 + (0.6309 X Average Heart Rate) + (0.09017 X Weight in Pounds) + (0.2017 X Age)) / 4.184 X Workout Minutes

Our very own Personal Training and Accountability App

This App is used in house between clients and trainers. Trainers are able to asses a client and log all their information, assessments, measurements and progress along their journey. Client tracking is very important to make sure you are getting the proper coaching, Fitness Lab trainers are able to keep an eye on eating habits, glance at workout frequency and send workouts for the days you are not able to make it in to the gym. Having all your future goals logged and having to log all your workouts and keep a diary can truly help the experience.

If you are interested in our Online training programs or Team programs this App is how we communicate and get you your programs! It is included with all our Personal Training and Nutrition programs at The Fitness Lab.

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