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I sought out personal training and nutrition coaching this past summer looking for some help moving away from nutrition and training habits I knew weren’t serving me well.

After spending much of the past ten years moving between different training programs and different diets, I realized that I was tired of putting so much energy into spinning my wheels and not seeing changes in my strength or body composition. I found myself often frustrated with a lack of progress, and knew that I needed direction but I didn’t know what I needed.

I have worked with personal trainers and coaches before. I have been handed macro plans and meal plans and implemented them perfectly… for a couple months before becoming exhausted and dropping it completely.

Never before working with Jereymi did I experience coaching that took a holistic approach to health and nutrition. I left my first nutrition conversation feeling stunned. Jereymi asked questions that forced me to step back and take a look at how dieting had impacted my life and my family, and had me examining the beliefs I still had about what were “good and bad” foods. The goals we set were game changing for me, and yet very easy to implement immediately. Jereymi was able to meet me exactly where I was at, and as the weeks went on he helped me set small habit goals to add to the ones I was already successfully doing. The result after three months was that I was eating easily twice as much as I had been before, and had more energy than I had in a long time. He has a unique skill of asking questions and providing insights that helped me get out of my diet cycle, which has improved my quality of life and given me freedom to do things like go for dinner with my husband and kids, without worrying about how it is “ruining my progress” .

I have also been training with Jeryemi weekly. I showed up thinking that I knew what I was doing in the gym, yet I think I said “that was humbling” about 10x per session in the beginning. Jeryemi is helping me correct strength imbalances, and activate muscles I didn’t realize weren’t working. The result has been major strength gains in my own training. I quickly blew past all of my old PRs in some lifts, and in the areas I am still stuck, we are working each week on correcting the movement so that I can bring these skills into my training.

I encourage anyone who wants to make changes to their lifestyle to seek out Jereymi for coaching. The biggest takeaways for me are that I don’t feel deprived, yet I’m changing my body composition. I don’t feel exhausted, yet I’m making progress in the gym. And in the midst of it I am being supported to grow as a whole person.

I am immensely grateful to Jereymi for his knowledge, and his skill in helping me push past my own barriers to see real, sustainable change.

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