Our Youth Development Programs are not just for Young Athletes, but for Your Child to start on their Life Fitness Path.

Team Sessions

Team Sessions and Team Building events available. Bring the team in for a training session or go through our online training app. Our programming will help athletes develop new skills and sharpen existing ones. Our sessions are designed to take your team to the next level no matter the sport. Custom Plans Available.

Message us for more details and a custom plan on how we can help manage your team’s fitness needs!

Team Management

  • Assessments taken at least 3 times per season
  • Individual Player Stats
  • Weekly Workouts available online/equipment included
  • Coach reports, keeps players accountable to their head coach
  • Nutrition Plans for individual goals
  • Team Sessions in-house with a trainer

Youth Development CAMP 1

YDC1-Ages 13-17 – This camp is great for anyone interested in general fitness and sport specific conditioning. It’s a great way to get into shape, maintain great health and fitness through a variety of different workouts led of certified coaches. For individuals in a dedicated sport this camp will help propel you to the next level, workouts can be geared toward any sport to make drastic improvements for your season.

Youth Development CAMP 2

YDC2-Ages 10-12- At this vital age its important for Youth to know exactly how training can impact their lives. It’s our goal to show the basics of fitness to this age range and get them use to a weekly structure with gym included. Workouts are based primarily on Cardio/ Agility exercises, making it a fun and fast environment! All levels welcomed!

Youth Development CAMP 3

YDC3- Ages 8-10- Start them Early!! Conditioning is where we start with this group, keeping the kids engaged through coordination and agility circuits we capture their attention and keep it! Learn all the basic movements of the gym and work up a sweat while playing games this camp is always a hit.


Hockey Lab Elite Training

Hockey Lab is a program designed for individuals to take it to the next level. The focus is to use functional exercises to improve stride, quickness, reaction timing. Programs will successfully help reach any goal whether it be gaining lean muscle mass, improving cardio or building overall stamina for the game.

Program is broken down into phases, each athlete is to achieve each phase before moving onto the next.
This is a Full Time program and all individuals are given a training schedule outside of the Lab to follow. Nutrition Plans are given on a individual basis.


Youth Development Rates

Youth Development sessions

YDC/University Student 10
YDC/University Student 20
YDC/University Student Unlimited Monthly