At this time we are only accepting new personal training clients, existing members can sign up for open gym sessions and Pt sessions on mindbody. All new members looking for personal training please email or call us.

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Online Training

“Personal Training for any Goal any Place”

Welcome to the new age of personal training! Here at the Fitness Lab, we want our presence to be felt through our workouts and programming no matter where you are or where you work out! Our platform focuses on the importance of structure and balance in routines. Our process is clean and effective.

If you would like to jump into our weekly programming and have 5 workouts a week delivered to you then Plan 1 would be the one to choose. These workouts are General Fitness– All levels. Whether it is to lose weight, gain muscle, lean up or just want to be more fit these workouts will get you there!

Plan 2 Would be a program made on a custom basis according to goals, limitations, equipment, and of course current lifestyle and ability. If you require something a bit more tailored for sport or personal goals this option will be best.

Once you choose your option and purchase, client management will be in touch to set you up on our network and app where you will be presented your program. The app will also be your personal portfolio for all assessments and tracking.

We have 2 options for our 4 weeks programs:

  • Join our in-house programming. Have the same workouts we offer at the fitness lab delivered to you weekly. 5 different workouts every week for your 4 weeks subscription.
  • Custom workout plan. If you are looking for something specific our team of experts can create a program that fits your needs.


4 week Workout Program $60.00

4 week Sport Conditioning Plans:

Our sport conditioning plans are great for anyone looking to build more speed and endurance through any level of sport. We tailor these plans for age groups 10 and up. Plans are a combination of agility drills with body weight exercises. Build better stability, learn to control your stop and go, gain the speed, build the strength you need and have fun while doing it! Workouts change every week for the 4 week subscription.

Please note***You will need a agility ladder for these plans.

4 week Plan = $60.00

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