My name is Leighann I am a mother of three and a grandmother. I decided to get into the fitness industry 18 years ago because I was a full-time mom but wanted to earn a little money and get fit. I got into group fitness and completely fell in love with being able to push people to new heights while pushing myself to new betters every day.

In 2002 started running after my 3rd child, it was the best way I knew of to get rid of the baby fat! That led me to start training for triathlons. Having the knowledge from being a Fitness leader I was able to teach myself the swimming and biking aspect of the sport. This truly gave me the advantage and after winning my very first sprint triathlon I knew I was destined to keep up with the sport, travelling the world and being exposed to high-level world-class athletes. Qualifying for world championships Ironmans was and has been quite the experience. My love of fitness is why I’m here to share with others.