My name is Dylan Melbourne. I’ve been personal training for 6 years and was certified through NASM (National Academy of Sport Medicine).

I obtained further certifications in Functional Patterns HF1, TRX, RIP trainer, Mobility w/ PNF trigger point, as well as the American Olympic and Chinese Olympic Lifting.

I was always involved in health and fitness being in various sports for the past 13 years.

11 of those years I played Soccer; making it all the way to compete against the Whitecap Juniors in the High Performance League.

A torn ACL in the semi final game during my Football career is what eventually catapulted me to the training side and learning about how to manage my own rehabilitation in the gym.

That’s where my main passion and expertise is now. Helping people get rid of any pains or injuries long term; whether it be the elderly, a high performance athlete, or anything between!