Finding balance and juggling all of our commitments is a constant challenge – being a working mom of 4 daughters, I get it!

Making yourself a priority amongst life’s crazy schedule is imperative to finding that balance. Fitness and strength training have been my discipline for over 2 decades. When I first started training with Vik nearly 5 years ago I lived in chronic pain with bulged and herniated disks, sciatica & hip misplacement. Vik educated me on how to train around my injuries, and I realized how paramount proper technique & body mechanics are. I began studying the science of strength training, body mechanics as it relates to athletics & exercise, physiology of muscle growth and the prominent role nutrition plays in attaining all of our goals, no matter what they may be. This is the catalyst as to why I became a trainer.

The best way to appreciate the physical, mental and emotional benefits of being on a proper training program is to experience it for yourself! I love the feeling of being able to empower someone with their own feeling of accomplishment and self efficacy. My goal is to help you understand & address your movements, deficiencies, and create solid, long term, mindful habits to reach your goals and maintain your progress.

My mantra is simple: I appreciate your willingness to do better for yourself. I’ll always do my best to educate, inspire and use alot laughter to create an atmosphere that makes working out FUN! We’ll create sustainable fitness goals that are in alignment with your lifestyle through personalized training and nutrition, consistency and patience. Your health is an investment, not an expense. And the goals are so much more attainable when you share the challenge with someone who can provide accountability, support and encouragement.

Krista has worked with a myriad of clients of all age ranges & goals. She brings a ton of energy, humour and insight to make sure you learn something new from every workout. Krista has her national certification with CFES in weight training, personal training & fitness theory. She has completed workshops and courses in nutrition coaching specific for strength training and athletes, biomechanics of sport and exercise, functional training, and is currently studying for Level 1 Nutrition certification.