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After many failed self managed diets and exercise plans, I decided to contact The Fitness Lab. I am not a “fitness person” at all so I was expecting that I’d go for a couple of weeks and then lose interest. Luckily they do not impose any contracts, which made it very low risk to join… I was completely wrong with that whole attitude though, because now it is nearly five months later and I’m still attending classes and genuinely having a great time during every one that I attend. The entire staff are fantastic, and they make sure that classes are interesting and different each time – which makes the time fly by. Not just the hour long session time, but the overall time since September when I joined. As a result there’s been nothing daunting about trying to get in to shape. I’m so preoccupied by the experience and new skills that I’m learning – and actually enjoying the company of a solid peer group – that I’m not obsessing over losing this many pounds, or burning that many calories. When I do notice an improvement, like a slightly lower scale number, a smaller clothing size, or the ability to lift a heavier weight, it’s a really nice surprise. And now that I’m physically adjusted to a regular exercise schedule, those improvements are occurring more frequently. That works great for me right now. Might I want to set some actual weight and fitness goals in future? Quite possibly. And when I’m ready to do so, I know that The Fitness Lab team will be able to help me achieve them. I couldn’t be happier with my choice to join.

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