At this time we are only accepting new personal training clients, existing members can sign up for open gym sessions and Pt sessions on mindbody. All new members looking for personal training please email or call us.

(604) 287-7363

I love this gym. Over the course of a few years I’ve always struggled with working out and losing weight. I came across the Fitness Lab and realized that this is exactly the gym I’ve been looking for! The workouts are great, the people and the atmosphere are fantastic and everyone welcomes you with open arms! I’ve been going there for just over a year and I can say that it’s been, literally, a life changing experience for me! I’ve managed to get in shape and go at a consistant pace. Now, Not only that I go for the workouts, I also go for the people; because no matter that if you don’t have that much experience about exercise, everyone is willing to teach you and help you with a smile. Vik and the gang have been huge influences for me over the course of the year and all I can say is that this gym is awesome!

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