At this time we are only accepting new personal training clients, existing members can sign up for open gym sessions and Pt sessions on mindbody. All new members looking for personal training please email or call us.

(604) 287-7363

I have worked in the fitness and wellness industry for 7 years now myself, but because of my past issues with an eating disorder, my relationship with food has been unhealthy and toxic.
Jereymi helped me put small, attainable goals into place that didn’t trigger past disordered eating habits to re emerge….and because of that I am further along in making peace with food and my body than I ever have been.
The check ins and support (all without judgement) have been a key piece in why and how I am where I’m currently at.
Having been in the fitness industry for a while myself, I can say Jereymi’s knowledge, patience, and encouragement is second to none! I’ve worked at many different places and met many different fitness/wellness individuals and Jereymi’s approach is entirely unique.
If you are struggle with your relationship with food, Jereymi can help!”

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