At this time we are only accepting new personal training clients, existing members can sign up for open gym sessions and Pt sessions on mindbody. All new members looking for personal training please email or call us.

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“As someone who has always been fairly active, I was looking at ways to push myself and step up my game. I reached out to @jereymilongpre from the for help with my nutrition hoping to lose a bit of fat, but mainly to gain muscle and lean out. After sitting down with Jereymi and discussing my goals, he came up with a easy and attainable plan for me and wanted me to introduce some weights into my routine. I have never enjoyed lifting weights but started to do Jereymi’s strength routines. After several weeks of following his nutrition, and lifting weights twice a week, I could feel my body getting stronger and healthier. Three months in- I can see the results which really encourages me to work even harder. I can now say that I really enjoy lifting weights and they have become an integral part of my workout regime.
Throughout my three month program, Jereymi did daily and weekly checkins and was always extremely helpful and knowledgeable with any questions that I had. I learned a ton about weight lifting and the benefits that muscle gain has on your body. He’s extremely knowledgeable about nutrition, supplements, weight loss and muscle development. He is also incredibly kind and down to earth. I would highly recommend him as a trainer or coach and especially as a friend. Thanks Jereymi! � “

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