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“If there’s a diet, I’ve likely tried it in my past. Years 2007-2010 were horrific for me: my mom died, I had 2 ankle surgeries, and ACL reconstructive surgery… that lead to emotional eating, an unhealthy relationship with food, and 45lbs slowly creeping on as the years passed by. I share that because I think it’s important that people know it’s common to struggle with food – but more importantly, it’s okay to talk about it. April 2020 I decided I was sick and tired of feeling ‘sick and tired’. Always feeling lethargic, terrible sleep pattern, unmonitored stress, and using food as an outlet needed to stop. I upped my workout regime and committed to a fitness lab membership, but more importantly I started to work with @jereymilongpre on my nutrition. What shocked me most was the first few weeks we weren’t concerned about calories in vs. out, but he was asking about my quality of sleep, water intake, mental health, stress levels, how I was doing, etc. Most ‘diets’ I had tried before had me eating 1500-1600 calories and working out 5-6x per week to see success. Jereymi WANTED me eating 2000+ calories per day and working out 3-4x per week MAX. I won’t lie, I thought he was crazy and trying some new age voodoo that wasn’t gonna work. But, as promised, I stuck it out and slowly (keyword: slowly) the weight started to melt off. In the last 6 months I’ve lost 25lb and I’d estimate I’ve ‘tracked macros’ maybe 30% of the time? Our focus was getting me eating whole foods, proper protein amounts, fresh veggies and most importantly – no quick gimmicks. I spent the summer not feeling an ounce of guilt towards eating whatever I wanted! Never felt that I needed to workout extra to ‘earn more food’.. that mindset is gone and I never want it back. No shake, pill, or cream to burn away the fat, but good ol’ fashioned hard work. I’m so thankful for @fitlikevik and Jereymi, and for their endless encouragement and support throughout this process! Excited to see what’s still to come”

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