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This clinic will help individuals focus on how to gain distance and speed over their desired distance. The structure will allow participants to learn the efficient technique with manageable training distances and proper planning. All runs start with a proper warm up, with the direction the run will start, afterwards, a cool down/stretch and review will be how everyone finishes. Training schedule for the week will be tailored to the individuals level and desired distance. Sessions will have different topics and drills to cover to keep each session different and engaging.

Course outline to include:

  • Learning form and Technique
  • Heart rate zones, what’s best for training
  • Proper gear
  • Cadence
  • Glute activation and proper stretching
  • Drills and proper programming

8 Sessions Run Only

This option is for those looking to enrol in the Run only sessions, drills and programming for the week is included by trainer
8 session Run Package $88.00

8 Sessions Run + Fitness & Nutrition Program

The Fitness & Nutrition portion of the clinic will help you achieve better results by adding strength and cardio routines. The routine will be a 2 phase 8 week program that focuses on building muscle in all the right areas to help maintain a faster pace while running. You will have access to a trainer over the 8 weeks to make adjustments and help you focus. 3 Different workouts a week/ switch after 4 weeks to 3 new ones! The Nutrition plan will be made on an individual basis once again focused on the participant’s goals.
8 session Run + Fitness & Nutrition Program $188.00
Fitness for Head Trauma

This is the perfect class for anyone recovering from chronic migraines, headaches, everyday anxiety, concussion or any other injury that may affect your life day to day. The yoga-inspired class will help restore balance and introduce calm back into your life.  We will focus on yoga poses that will help your body find relief and improve range of motion which will speed your recovery!  

The class layout will be kept to a minimum, as with changing injuries, workouts will have to change as well. The goal is to get moving and start living toward a healthier you one step at a time. Let’s focus on getting out the door and to your first workout together!

Trainer Bio Link – Read Nicole’s Own Story Here

8 session Run + Fitness & Nutrition Program $120.00

Workshop 2— Youth Nutrition & Training Seminar
Ages 13-18 For Nutrition and Training
Ages 8- 12 Training Only- Parents invited to Nutrition Talk for younger athletes
The Fitness Lab has had undeniable results with their youth athletes over the years. The ones that are dedicated with not only their training but also nutrition habits are the ones that always go the furthest. Our goal with this new workshop it to help young athletes build proper nutrition habits and understand why nutrition plays such a big role in training. Workouts will be included based on individual goals and present fitness level. 
Package includes 1 session May 3rd + 8 week Fitness Program + Nutrition Plan $120.00



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