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“Let us work with you to find the best Nutrients to help you feel and look better.”

Custom Meal Templates

  • A customized plan that is tailored to specific calorie intake and goals
  • Educational kitchen guide for all measurements, portions and food lists
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Supplement protocol
  • Inbody body composition scan
  • Access to our exclusive training app
  • Meals/snacks/shakes are tailored to personal preferences
  • Your template will be configured to your specific lifestyle and needs. This will set you up for success!


The Nutrition Lab is fully stocked to help you with your supplement needs. If you are someone that is curious to learn more or you need to restock your items, please look out for our open store hours or contact Jereymi today. We know supplements are not for everyone. Our goal is to educate you on our products or help you find an alternative. Our store is curated to include only the best products that we personally believe in.

Proper Nutrition

Your certified nutrition coach will work with you on a weekly basis after your initial one on one meeting. These programs are amazing for beginners wanting to make changes or for an expert that is looking to enhance their performance. Our driving factor is helping everyone form a healthy and sustainable relationship with food.

The definition of kinetic can be referred to as, “of or relating to the motion of material bodies and the forces and energy associated there with”. The reason why I chose this name is that I believe as you become more energized, the quality of your life will improve. This isn’t just a meal plan, this is a lifestyle change. Habits that we create won’t just help you with our time together but will guide you throughout the rest of your life. I understand how it can feel to not reach your goals. I spent years spinning my wheels and had no clue where to start. What I can offer you through my coaching is a way to find yourself again. I will give you all of my tips and tricks that made my mindset what it is today. I know the pain it can feel to want something so badly and continue to be let down time after time again. I fully understand and because of that, my goal is to make this journey enjoyable for you. Issues that can arise when it comes to reaching your goals can be things such as, the plans to follow once the goal is reached or how the results will be maintained. That’s what I can offer, a plan to get to your goals and a plan to keep your goals. There’s nothing more frustrating than achieving something, just to lose it. I don’t wish that upon anyone because that feeling of being stuck can be incredibly defeating.

Are you ready to finally make those goals a reality and have the knowledge to keep them indefinitely? If so, let’s begin your journey to a happier self!

Jereymi Longpre

Nutrition Package Rates

Complete Nutrition Start
  • includes:

  • 1 month program with weekly check-ins
  • Custom meal template
  • Kitchen guide and resources
  • 2 Inbody scans
  • 1 hour one on one meeting
  • Access to our exclusive training app
Kinetic 1 on 1 Nutrition Coaching
(2 payments available)
  • includes:

  • 3 month program
  • Daily Check ins, atleast 5 dependant on phase of the program
  • 3 Phase program includes meal template with personalized coaching
  • Kitchen guide and resources
  • 3 Inbody scans
  • 1 x 1 hour Meeting
  • Basic workout plan
  • Access to our exclusive training app
Ongoing support after 1 month $160.00/2months

Weekly check-ins, plan adjustments, and 2 additional Inbody scans. This will help to keep you accountable to the process and yourself.


Inbody- Body Composition Analyzer


At the Fitness Lab we aim to provide a full fitness experience. With tools like the inbody we not only have a valid, accurate and fast way of tracking results we have the ultimate tool to keep you motivated!

Single scan $15.00
Package of 10 $100.00

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