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“Our fitness classes go beyond just the gym. When you take advantage of our experience, you’ll see and feel the benefits.”

Fitness Classes For All Fitness Levels


The Fitness Lab offers a variety of classes for every fitness level, including strength, cardio, mind body and much more.

We get it. Starting a new routine is tough, especially when it means getting healthy. That’s why we’re offering this great deal. Because at TheFitness Lab, we provide the tools and support you need to develop a healthy lifestyle so you get fit, stay fit, and keep feeling your best.

After more than 30 years, it’s clear that our success isn’t a fad, Fitness Lab members get RESULTS. Only The Fitness Lab provides such an amazing range of group classes, personal training, state-of-the-art equipment, luxury amenities, and the guidance to help you reach your 2019 goals.

Timed Formula

This 1 hour Fullbody strength circuit is timed from start to finish. Timed Formula combines your favorite strength exercises with core and cardio intervals. Prepare your self for a different pace every set you put in for. Great for all Fitness levels.

Total Body Catalyst

Only have 1 hour to workout? This is the workout to get to! This Calorie burning full body workout hits all muscle groups and incorporates Strength, Cardio and Endurance components using a full arrangement of resistance tools. Workouts change by the day to keep your mind and body fully engaged. This is the perfect workout to build lean muscle, tone up and drop unwanted weight.

Hybrid Cardio/Core

Ready.. Set… GO! Prepare your body to spin, jump, lift and test your limits with this action packed class that combines bike intervals with functional exercises that focus on strengthening your core, improving balance, coordination, agility and posture.


This is not your average boxing class! Be prepared to kick, punch, knee and elbow while being put through your paces by one of our experienced instructors. Classes will challenge participants while building a proper foundation of self-defense in a threat free zone with like minded individuals. Kick stress to the curb and look good doing it.
All levels welcome.

3D Reaction

Whether you’re new to working out, retired, on lunch break or just ended up with a lucky break in the middle of the day this is the workout you’re looking for. With 3 classes over the week each has its focus but all workouts are full body with Cardio/Strength/Stretch covered.

Fun Friday

45minutes and you get your weekend.. our goal is to give you a painless workout where you can come blow some steam off and de stress from the week..

Mom +1

Have a hard time finding a babysitter for that one hour you want to work out? Goodnews! Mom + 1 is a drop in class where your little one is free to come in with you. How does it work? Simple, we will run the class for the hour while your toddler hangs out with you, tend to them as needed and the workout keeps going. Workouts are scaled to fitness level but Full body is covered in a safe effective manner

Atomic- Spin

This is the closest you will get to an outdoor ride indoors! Rides are led by a experienced cyclist using either a spin bike or an option to bring your own road bike and roller system! Fun for all cycle lover and cardio fanatics!

HIIT Theory

High Intensity interval training in it’s finest form. Classes are geared toward increasing cardio and endurance capabilities through intense timed intervals and formats to push you to the edge. Full body is covered.

Strength Boost

Let’s take weight training to a new level with this 1 hour full body workout. Strength being the main focus get ready to challenge your self with routines and lifts all about achieving your best. Led by experienced coaches to help you gain the knowledge and form you need. great for all levels!

My Approach

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Vik Gill – Owner of The Fitness Lab

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